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Runner's World

Weight Loss by the Numbers for Runners | Runner's World

Despite all the miles we log, races we run, and fudge brownies we forego, runners can still gain weight. When we decide to shed those extra pounds, we typically track our progress by stepping on the bathroom scale. But sometimes seeing our weight flash up at us day after day can be more of a hindrance than help—especially if those figures have barely budged. On the bright side, runners like numbers (think of all those personal records, marathon pace charts, and meticulously timed interval workouts).

Runner's World

Watertown Marks Anniversary of Bombing Suspect Capture with 5K ...

Watertown Marks Anniversary of Bombing Suspect Capt...

Runner's World

26 Tips for Running Your Best 26.2 | Runner's World

26 Tips for Running Your Best 26.2 | Runner's World...

Runner's World

Despite Appearances, Decent Attendance at Worlds | Runner's World

Despite Appearances, Decent Attendance at Worlds | ...

Runner's World

Don't Overlook 'The Unknown Candidate' From Belarus | Runner's ...

Don't Overlook 'The Unknown Candidate' From Belarus...

Runner's World

Dathan Ritzenhein Top American Man at Boston Marathon ...

Dathan Ritzenhein Top American Man at Boston Marath...

Runner's World

Desiree Linden Top American Woman at Boston Marathon ...

Desiree Linden Top American Woman at Boston Maratho...

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Runner's World

Despite Appearances, Decent Attendance at Worlds | Runner's ...

The rumors of the death of international track and field at this week's world championships in Moscow may have been greatly exaggerated.

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Runner's World

Don't Forget About Blake Russell, 2008 Olympic Marathoner ...

Holding court with U.S. Olympic marathoner Blake Russell for 40 minutes at the Boston Marathon elite athletes’ press conference, the topics range from the mundane to the magical. There were the “brutal” first eight months as a new mother with son Quin, when, Russell says simply, “I didn’t sleep.”

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Runner's World

Edna Kiplagat Wins in Tough World Championships Marathon ...

On a blistering hot and sunny day on the streets of Moscow, four women from four countries on three continents held a marathon clinic, demonstrating that patient but aggressive pacing makes the difference in winning world medals, even under less-than-ideal conditions. And in those trying conditions, Kenya's Edna Kiplagat played the conditions perfectly, starting conservatively (she was in 27th place through the first five kilometers) while others pushed the pace and eventually taking the lead for the first time - and for good - just past the 40-kilometer mark.

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Runner's World

Martin Duffy: The End of an Unintended 40-Year Boston Streak ...

By Martin Duffy As told to M. Nicole Nazzaro For the sword outwears its sheath, And the soul wears out the breast, And the heart must pause for breath, And love itself have rest. Lord Byron Forty years ago on Monday, I drove from Philadelphia, where I was attending graduate school, to the starting line of my first Boston. I was 29, and the imminent prospect of crossing into my 30’s scared me even more than the unique demands of the race.  In a cold, driving wind, I ran 3:02, passing Johnny Kelley (the Elder) and his entourage in the last mile. Cold, cramped and shivering, I had no sense then that I would run ever again in Boston, let alone compete every year since. I became one of Boston’s perennials, those of us who have run the race consecutively at least for 25 years. I love running and I’ve been lucky.  In 1973 I left Penn for an offer at Harvard, and since then the race has been around the corner. In terms of U.S. running, the 70’s were the best.  It was a time when the ordinary runner felt t

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Runner's World

Mary Cain's Amazing Year Ends With 10th at Worlds | Runner's ...

It's way too early to compare U.S. phenom Mary Cain to, say, any other famous American middle-distance runners named Mary. Her name is Cain, not Decker Slaney, and she's 17 years old and just had the time of her life running the world championships 1500-meter final in Moscow, so let's let her be 17 for just a moment, shall we?


 Because the future looks very, very bright indeed.


Runner's World

Mo Farah Wins Men's 10K at World Championships | Runner's ...

Mo Farah and Galen Rupp went looking for lightning to strike twice in Moscow. In the end, they got it halfway.

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Runner's World

Olympic Champ Kiprotich Wins Men's Marathon | Runner's World ...

In 2007, Uganda's Stephen Kiprotich met Ethiopian running legend Haile Gebrselassie for the first time. He asked the great champion what he had to do to run well. Gebrselassie's response was simple as a Zen master's: "Train for five years." Five years later, Kiprotich was the Olympic gold medalist. And a year after that, on a sunny, clear day in Moscow, he repeated that triumph, winning gold at the 2013 world championships today in 2:09:51.

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Runner's World

Tirunesh Dibaba Continues Her 10,000-Meter Dominance ...

Photo: Tirunesh Dibaba of Ethiopia leads Belaynesh Oljira of Ethiopia and Gladys Cherono of Kenya in the women's 10,000 meters. The lightning bolt spectators saw over Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium in the middle of the women's 10,000-meter final wasn’t a message from the gods signifying a changing of the guard. Instead, it was just a thunderous exclamation of a generation's top female track racer as she continued her dominance over the distance.